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Homestead Exemption

Assistance for Florida Homeowners Facing Homestead Exemption Issues

The Florida Homestead Exemption is a constitutionally protected privilege afforded to Florida homeowners for their primary, permanent residence. It is conferred subject to specific qualifications and requirements and can therefore be given stringent scrutiny by County Property Appraisers throughout the state. As a result, your tax exemption can be denied, revoked, removed or withdrawn, all of which can result in adverse financial consequences. These determinations often call for administrative and judicial appeal. Relief can be accomplished administratively through the County Appraiser’s office and/or the County Value Adjustment Board and is subject to strictly construed time requirements. However, when all administrative remedies have been exhausted without relief, the homeowner’s remaining recourse is by direct appeal to the Circuit Court in the county where the property is situated in order to preserve constitutionally conferred rights and to prevent any adverse financial consequences.

I can provide guidance and representation for Florida homeowners who receive notice of a denial, revocation, removal or withdrawal of their real property based tax exemption. This is a highly nuanced area of law with very specific requirements and qualifications. The counsel and assistance of an attorney knowledgeable and experienced in Florida Homestead Exemption issues is essential when challenging determinations or decisions that deprive you of this valuable privilege.

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