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From Initial Complaint to the Florida Supreme Court, I Protect the Rights and Careers of Florida Attorneys

Of all of the myriad things that can cause us stress and anxiety as attorneys, few are more jarring than receiving an envelope from The Florida Bar containing an inquiry/complaint letter. That letter, whether meritless or not, represents a potential threat to all that you have worked so hard to achieve in your career. How you respond to the initial complaint, and how you defend yourself if the matter proceeds to disciplinary counsel, a grievance committee, or the Florida Supreme Court, can mean the difference between a distracting career hiccup and the shredding of your reputation with catastrophic damage to your ability to make a living as an attorney.

Given the potential consequences of adverse disciplinary action, retaining experienced Florida Bar defense counsel to advise and represent you the minute you receive that dreaded envelope is absolutely essential. As an experienced attorney who has been helping my colleagues with all matters relating to Florida Bar discipline and admissions for over a decade, I have seen the negative and avoidable results that can happen when lawyers treat such complaints cavalierly or attempt to represent themselves. Whether you consult with me or another Florida Bar defense attorney, I urge you to retain counsel before you formulate any response.

I work with clients at every stage in the disciplinary process. Whether I am retained shortly after an initial complaint is received or after proceedings have advanced to the prosecutorial stages, I use my comprehensive knowledge of the ethical and procedural rules and thorough understanding of how these matters are viewed from both the Bar’s and the court’s perspective in order to achieve the best possible outcome for my clients.

I provide critical assistance to attorneys at all steps, including:

  • Initial response to complaint/grievance. I thoroughly review the complaint and all of the attorney’s materials to identify and respond to relevant issues, with the goal of submitting a response that will persuade Bar counsel to dismiss the complaint without further investigation or sanction.
  • Representation before a grievance committee. If the matter is referred to a grievance committee, I work with disciplinary counsel and the investigating member of the grievance committee to ensure that my client’s position and perspective is fully presented. Full and comprehensive client review and preparation are essential to optimize a satisfactory result.
  • Proceedings before a Referee. When a formal complaint has been filed after a grievance committee has found probable cause of specified rule violations, I provide representation before the Referee appointed by the Florida Supreme Court to conduct an evidentiary hearing on the violations charged and the appropriate sanction should a violation be determined. The Referee will make findings of fact and enter recommendations as to rule violations and discipline. My goal is obtain findings that do not support rules violations or the need for disciplinary sanction.
  • Petition to Review before the Florida Supreme Court.
    The Florida Bar or the Respondent attorney may file a Petition to Review the Referee’s report. My experience enables me to present persuasive and compelling arguments to the Court in these matters.

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