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Expert Ethics

Well Crafted and Reliable Opinions and Compelling Expert Testimony on Attorney Ethics and Professionalism Matters

For nearly 20 years, my practice has largely focused on issues relating to legal ethics and attorney professionalism. I am available to provide expert opinions and testimony on a wide range of ethics matters for civil litigants, including claims of attorney misconduct, as well as motions for disqualification of counsel based on prior relationships or other conflicts. If your claim or defense will benefit from solid expert opinion on professional rules compliance or ethical issues, please give me a call.

I have nearly 10 years of experience as Senior Disciplinary Attorney/Prosecutor for The Florida Bar, Lawyer Regulation and have committed a major portion of my legal career to professional ethics issues, advising attorneys and law firms regarding the prevention as well as the resolution of rules violations and ethical and professional compliance.

As an expert witness, I can offer opinion testimony about the application of rules, statutes, and standards of legal practice in Florida, including issues such as:

  • Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Rules Regulating the Florida Bar
  • Advertising issues and claims
  • Client counterclaims for attorney malpractice in fee dispute or collection cases
  • Adequacy of an attorney’s investigation of the facts or the law
  • Trust account audits and compliance reviews
  • Statute of limitations, waiver of claim, or deadline problems allegedly resulting in prejudice to the client
  • Client communication problems
  • Florida Statutes §57.105 issues
  • Conflicts of interest or attorney disqualification issues
  • Sanctions motions under Rule 11 or other applicable rules or statutes

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I have devoted a substantial portion of my career to assisting my colleagues in the legal profession. I will continue to advocate on their behalf and be there when they need help. To discuss your issues and concerns and explore how I may be able to assist you, please give me a call at my Broward County office for a free consultation, (954) 722-2500. I look forward to speaking with you.