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You’ve Worked Hard to Become a Lawyer. I Help You Cross The Finish Line.

Years of study and hard work. Tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars in tuition and loans. The stress and commitment that accompanies preparing for the bar exam. These are just some of the sacrifices you’ve made in pursuit of your goal of becoming a practicing attorney. But your academic achievements, your work ethic, and your knowledge of the law alone won’t get you there if the Florida Board of Bar Examiners (FBBE) has concerns regarding your character or fitness that you fail to adequately address as part of the rigorous Florida bar admission process.

For recent law school graduates and others seeking admission to The Florida Bar, I provide representation and guidance throughout the investigation process. Even before issues are raised, I consult with clients on how best to proceed with their applications in terms of disclosing and addressing issues which may impede their admission. Failing to disclose past indiscretions or incidents, or providing inconsistent, misleading or incomplete information, can severely imperil your application. I can help with the necessary disclosures and ensure that the documentation and evidence you submit minimizes or neutralizes any potential negative impact on the application.

When issues are raised by the FBBE resulting in an Investigative Hearing, I work with my clients to optimize their preparation and to assemble the evidence and witnesses to present their application in the most favorable light. If the FBBE makes a determination that there are matters that should delay or preclude the applicant’s admission to practice in Florida, I will implement strategies to address these issues before and during the Formal Hearing.

Please Give Me a Call. Let’s Discuss How I Can Help You.

I have devoted my career to assisting my colleagues in the legal profession, and continue to advocate on their behalf and to be there when they need help. To discuss your issues and concerns and explore how I may be able to assist you, please give me a call at my Broward County office for a free consultation, (954) 722-2500. I look forward to speaking with you.